Acoustic Reflex Testing

At Hearing Evaluation Services (HES), we use acoustic reflex testing alongside hearing evaluations, tympanograpy and other tests to get a thorough diagnostic picture of your auditory system.

The Acoustic Reflex Test measures the contraction of a tiny muscle in the middle ear in response to loud sounds. Acoustic reflex testing can be useful in testing tinnitus sufferers because it may indicate signs of objective tinnitus, which has been associated with contracting or twitching of the small muscles in the middle ear. Tinnitus can present itself with various conditions wherein the middle ear is compromised, including: otosclerosis, stiffening of the middle ear bones; otitis media, middle ear infection; and, cholesteamtoma, a benign mass of skin cells in the middle ear behind the eardrum resulting from repeated ear infections.

Loud, brief tones are presented to each ear individually. These tones are not uncomfortable and will not damage your hearing. The level of loudness needed to elicit the response, or the absence of response provides insight in identifying the problem area of the auditory pathway.

HES can then build a comprehensive treatment plan that gets to the root of your individual tinnitus symptoms so you can regain control over your hearing. Our large staff of highly educated audiologists allows us to have specialists in areas such as tinnitus. To that end, your tinnitus specialist will be available to address your unique concerns.

Contact any of our HES locations to schedule a tinnitus appointment, and learn more about various testing methods.