In 2016 Hearing Evaluation Services launched the Reconditioned Hearing Aid Program (RAP). RAP is an extension of the Dr. Ann Stadelmaier Hearing aid fund (AES Fund) that is available to certain individuals who did not meet the financial criteria for the AES Fund but are unable to afford a device without financial assistance.


The RAP program was designed to extend the outreach of the AES fund to help more individuals in Western NY achieve better hearing. Approved individuals can obtain reconditioned hearing aids at Hearing Evaluation Services at a low out-of-pocket expense. The reconditioned aids are fit at one of our four locations. All RAP hearing aids recipients receive the same high-level service and verification testing used for all hearing aid fittings at our organization. HES is pleased to be able to offer another option to those in financial need to improve their lives through better hearing.


For more information, and to apply for the AES Fund, CLICK HERE.