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Lyric hearing devices have changed my life...Actually, I feel they gave my life back to me.  Prior to trying Lyric, my hearing loss was debilitating to the point other hearing devices were not allowing me to hear well enough to function in normal activities.  Trying to carry on conversations at work limited my ability to perform my duties, threatening the loss of my career.  I shied away from social events, stopped taking Bible Studies, couldn't hear well at plays concerts, etc.  TV watching was impossible because no matter how high I turned the volume, I couldn't understand  Lyric changed all of this.  I can now hear, understand voices, watch TV, work, take part in social events, and I look forward to living every day.  Lyrics are truly life changing.  Thank you Dr. Kristina Jackson.
Barbara L.

"For over 25 years, Hearing Evaluation Services has provided my hearing aids and evaluations. We have bumped up to new technology as it became available and when I needed more help to keep functioning. Since I have a severe hearing loss, they recommended a trial with the Agil by Oticon. I went in with low expectations (I've been disappointed before) and what a surprise! The hearing aids alone were impressive, but when combined with a Streamer device to take advantage of Bluetooth technology, a world of convenience and sound has opened up. Cell phone conversations go clearly to both ears. My home phone cordless base has Bluetooth and I can actually answer the phone and understand the caller from any room in the house. No need to scramble around for the cordless handset. The advantage over a T-coil is that I get the conversation in both ears. The hearing aids emphasize voices yet leave enough background sound for context. There's also a cable connect for audio from computers and iPods.

If you have been discouraged with your level of function, please consider a trial. I'm sure it's not for everyone, but you won't know if you don't try it."


"It's hard to believe that I have been at HES for twenty-five years! I wanted to take the time to formally thank the audiologists and staff for the personal care and concern I have experienced all these years. It's not always been easy living with hearing loss, but thanks to you and the team at Hearing Evaluation Services I don't feel alone in my challenge.

Your new location is wonderful, as well as the advances in hearing aid technology. However, the one thing that stayed the same is the respect I receive as a patient. As a teacher of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies I am frequently asked for recommendations to an audiologist. I've never regretted steering people to HES Thank you for all you do."


"I have been under the care of Hearing Evaluation Services for many years. As my hearing has diminished you all have given me support and excellent service. It has always gone beyond just fitting me with a new hearing aid.

You take the time and have the knowledge to find the best fit for me. You've encouraged me to be patient as I adjust to hearing again and to come back as often as necessary to make adjustments.

Your front office staff always greet me with smiles and take time in their busy schedules to chat. I find going deaf very frightening and extremely stressful. I am sure most people feel the same.

After my husband Bill died, I can no longer rely on him to hear for me and to fill me in. The new hearing aid is really a gift to me from him. I am now able to participate in conversations and hear sermons in Church, attend plays, visit in restaurants and speak on the phone. It is so wonderful and has been a significant help.

Thank you is not adequate enough nor is their words to express my gratitude."


"Why did I wait so long to get my hearing aids?!  As will often happen, a family member gave me the gentle nudge and finally I listened.  But oh, was I ever resistive at first.  I wasn't even very friendly at my first appointment.  Hearing Evaluation Services gave me the information I needed in an understandable way.  They also gave me emotional support in a careful and deliberate fashion.  I appreciated their efficiency, and gradually - inch by inch - I was hooked.  I wear glasses and the world becomes clear as a result.  Why would I not also want to hear better?!

I am 64 years old.  I'm in excellent health otherwise, but, when I could not hear my own son when he spoke, I had to lipread.  And forget it if someone spoke with their back to me.  Why would I not want to take care of this aspect of my health?!

My world has opened up because I now wear my hearing aids.  It's the first thing I do in the morning... put them in.  Some new sounds I adjusted to immediately.  Some will take time for my brain to adapt to, including the sound of my own voice, the radio, my piano and rain on the windshield.  But I am so grateful for these sounds and I wear my hearing aids to let my brain do the work it needs in order to adjust.

As a musician, all these new sounds that had been lost have been given back to me.  When I'm outside sweeping my back steps, the birds sound glorious, like I'm in a surround sound movie.  My son and I are having good, long conversations again.

There is one word in my vocabulary that I rarely say anymore... WHAT?"