Rotary Chair Testing

Rotary chair testing assesses the integrity of the vestibular-ocular reflex (VOR) to provide physiological information about how the balance system is functioning. The VOR is an automatic reflex that is responsible for maintaining visual clarity of objects during head movements. It allows individuals to perform such routine activities as checking the time on a wristwatch while walking down the street – our eye fixates on the watch while our legs keep us walking.

Rotary chair testing helps us diagnose suspected loss of balance (unilateral or bilateral), and differentiate between central nervous system disorders, such as exposure to toxic drugs and peripheral or inner ear disorders. For this test, the patient sits in a rotational chair that will move in a back-and-forth motion. The speed at which the chair moves is varied to test the entire range and capabilities of the vestibular system.

Rotary chair testing is a supplemental test, the results of which will be examined in conjunction with your VNG and VEMP tests. This testing is provided at DENT Neurologic Institute in the Dizziness & Balance Center.

Once we have a clearer picture of your vestibular system, Hearing Evaluation Services (HES) can make a proper diagnosis, and make recommendations to correct or rehabilitate your dizziness.

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