D-Dry+ is a UV-C light kit for all types of hearing systems and earmolds. The D-Dry+ kit protects your hearing aids against moisture, one of the main reasons for expensive repairs. The UV-C light reduces the accumulation of germs and therefore the risk of skin infections in and around the ear.


The Art of Hearing System Care 3 in 1 – Compact and efficient!

  • Dry
  • Clean
  • Store

Phonak has a wide range of products and tools to ensure optimal hygiene maintenance. These kits may be helpful to you in reducing the build-up of harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses, preventing eczema and ear infection, and promoting well-functioning hearing instruments.

Disinfection product line refills

Wipes for the every-day cleaning and disinfecting of hearing aids and earmolds.

Cleansing tablets refills

The combination of cleansing agents with active oxygen for optimum cleaning of earmolds.
Hygenical and effective.

Drying capsules refills

The reliable way to dry hearing systems.
The capsules draw moisture from the hearing aids and earmolds and bond the particles. The lifespan of the device is increased.