Mayar Desouki, AuD

About Mayar Desouki, AuD

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Mayar Desouki is a graduate of the University of Tennesee in Knoxville and the University of Memphis, with an undergraduate degree in Audiology and Speech Pathology and a Master’s in Public Health.

She specializes in Lyric and bone conduction devices, with Cochlear implants leading as a big area of interest and a specialty she plans on continuing to evolve in during her career.

Dr. Desouki is from Cairo, Egypt, and has also resided in Charleston, SC and Nashville, TN prior to joining HES.

Dr. Desouki is a provider at our Williamsville office.


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Licenses and Certifications:

New York State Audiology License

New York State Hearing Aid Dispensing License


ASHA (American Speech Language and Hearing Association)

Specialty Areas:

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