Guatemala Mission Trip 2018

Dr. Bernstein, along with a group of doctors, nurses, and other volunteers, visited the rural villages of El Aguacate and Monjas in the Jalapa region of south east Guatemala. Dr. Bernstein cleaned ears, tested hearing, and fit hearing aids for nearly 100 villagers ranging in age from two to 94 years old. As a whole, in just four days, the entire team of healthcare providers helped over 2,200 residents!

One of the first patients seen in El Aguacate was Humberto. Humberto got the full treatment that day. First, wax that was completely plugging both his ears was removed. He could hear a little better but it was obvious he was still struggling. A hearing test showed a significant hearing loss and so Humberto received a hearing aid that day. He and his wife were so grateful for how much easier it was for him to hear. He was excited to get back home and talk to his children and grandchildren.

The last two patients seen this year in Monjas turned out to be siblings, Fernando and Rosalina, with a family history of hearing loss. Neither one had ever had the opportunity to use a hearing aid and Rosalina’s daughter, Ana, who accompanied them always had to shout to be heard. This was their first opportunity to see an audiologist and both Fernando and Rosalina were fit with a hearing aid that day. Ana was incredibly helpful in making sure that her mother and uncle were able to put the hearing aid on properly and will continue to help them when they return home. As one of the only freestanding non-profit and non-commissioned audiology practices in the United States, HES is proud to share our values and passion for hearing. Between the Dr. Ann Stadelmaier Hearing Aid Fund, which supports better hearing for local Western New Yorkers, and our commitment to this mission trip abroad, HES will remain committed to providing our care locally and internationally. Donations for our local Dr. Ann Stadelmaier Hearing Aid Fund are always gladly accepted at any HES office.

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