Happy Insurance Season!

With insurance renewal season underway, we want to remind you that we have an on-staff Insurance Specialist, Valerie Schmidt, available during office hours to answer any and all questions that you may have about your hearing health coverage. This is yet another unique service offered at Hearing Evaluation Services. Here are a few important reminders to consider when renewing your insurance:

Flex dollars can be used for hearing aids. Whether you have flex dollars to spend before the end of the year, or if you are factoring in flex dollars with your new program…consider using it for better hearing.

Discounted hearing aid programs through your insurance are not the same as an insurance benefit. We also have in-house programs that many find even better than what some third party companies offer.

Your Audiologists will review all of your options at your appointment. Insurance typically covers baseline hearing tests.

The level of coverage or benefits for hearing devices depend on the insurance company, and the specific levels of benefits within that company.

To connect with our Insurance Specialist, Valerie Schmidt, call (716) 544-6210 or visit our “Ask the Insurance Specialist” page through our website at hesofbuffalo.org.

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