Our Hearing Aid Program


Audiologists are the most qualified professionals to provide competent caring hearing aid evaluations and fittings. Following a comprehensive assessment of your hearing ability, we discuss your specific communication needs to determine which instrument is best suited to you as an individual and your lifestyle. We provide all types and styles of hearing aids including basic and advanced digital hearing aids from a variety of manufacturers. Every person who tries a hearing aid receives a 45-day trial period with it. This provides an opportunity to try the aid in a variety of listening situations to ensure that it is meeting each person’s individual hearing needs. It is also during this time that follow-up appointments are scheduled for assessment and verification of benefits with the hearing aid(s). Our success rate and overall satisfaction with hearing aids are extremely high.

Our Hearing Aid Program has an extremely high success rate. If a device is recommended for you, Hearing Evaluation Services will provide:

    • A complete explanation of your hearing evaluation results
    • A discussion of your specific hearing difficulties and needs
    • Selection of the most appropriate device for your loss and lifestyle
    • A 45-day trial period with the hearing aid(s)
    • Instruction regarding the care and use of hearing aids
    • Testing and programming to ensure maximum performance and audibility of speech
    • Cleaning, adjustments and repair of the hearing aid as needed
    • No charge for follow-up visits within the first year
    • A three-year manufacturer repair warranty
    • Special financing for 12 months, with approved credit.



Verification of Hearing Aids


VeriFit (Real Ear) Measurements

A Consumer Reports study found that 34% of hearing device fittings in the United States were verified to ensure appropriate levels of amplification relative to an individual’s specific hearing loss. HES has been verifying hearing device fittings since this equipment became available in the 1980s. Our audiologists always perform this measurement as part of a hearing device fitting as it is part of our compliance checklist. We believe in using objective measures to validate every adjustment we’re making, to be sure it is what is best for the patient. VeriFit provides objective confirmation that the hearing devices are set, exactly the way they should be, relative to a patient’s hearing loss.


Aided Testing

Aided testing is a verification measurement we perform in the hearing test booth. The patient sits in a sound-treated room and is asked to repeat phonetically balanced words with and without their hearing devices. We expect a patient to hear better with their hearing devices in. However, we want to know how much better. The difference should be measurable. This verification test helps the audiologist determine your level of benefit and if further adjustments to the hearing devices need to be made.


Client Oriented Scale of Improvement (COSI)

The COSI is an assessment questionnaire that allows us to document a patient’s goals with the use of hearing devices, and to make subjective measurements of improvements in hearing ability. One of the greatest advantages of the COSI has been to promote a more focused approach to the patient’s individual needs as they move through the hearing device fitting process.