VeriFit (Real Ear) Measurements

Verification is crucial in hearing aid fittings as it ensures appropriate levels of amplification relative to an individual’s specific hearing loss. Hearing Evaluation Services (HES) has been verifying hearing device fittings since VeriFit became available in the 1980s.  Our audiologists routinely perform this assessment as part of our compliance checklist.  We believe in using objective measures to validate every adjustment to ensure it meets the needs of the patient.


Aided Testing

Aided testing is a verification measurement we perform in the hearing test booth.  The patient sits in a sound-treated room and is asked to repeat phonetically balanced words with and without their hearing aids.  We expect a patient’s hearing to improve when wearing the aid, but we want to know how much it improves – the difference should be measurable.  This verification test helps the audiologist determine how much your hearing improves with a hearing aid, and if further adjustments need to be made.


Client Oriented Scale of Improvement (COSI)

The COSI is an assessment questionnaire used to document the patient’s hearing needs, which the aid must satisfy, and measure improvements in hearing ability. COSI promotes a more focused approach to our patient’s individual needs as we move forward in the hearing aid fitting process.