Hearing Evaluation Services offers Widex, a manufacturer that prides itself on helping users with natural sound.  This includes their PureSound™ powered by ZeroDelay technology.

The first experience with a hearing aid is vital in setting the direction of the journey to better hearing. A negative experience can leave you wondering if you were right to try a hearing aid at all, but a positive one can make you feel more connected to your life than you have been for years.

Life should dictate how you hear, not your hearing aid dictating how you live your life. That’s why, with Widex Moment Sheer, we’ve added more parameters to our AI-powered Widex MySound™ technology – giving you more control over how you choose to hear whatever situation you find yourself in.

Widex Features

  • Specializes in devices that help manage tinnitus
  • Natural sounds
  • Many designs, and styles to fit your lifestyle.
  • Multiple accessories and mobile management.