Acoustic Reflex Testing


At Hearing Evaluation Services (HES), we use Acoustic Reflex Testing to identify your ear’s natural reflex to stifle loud sounds. This test measures the contraction of a tiny muscle in the middle ear in response to loud sounds. Loud, brief tones will be presented to the ear individually. The level of loudness needed to elicit the response, or the absence of response, provides insight into identifying the problem area of the neurological auditory pathways. These tones are not uncomfortable and will not cause further damage to your hearing.


The results of your acoustic reflex test will tell us your hearing threshold. This will be evaluated alongside your tympanogram and hearing evaluation to give us a thorough diagnostic picture of your hearing status. Your primary audiologist will explain which hearing solutions will be most effective in treating your hearing loss. HES will work with you throughout the process to help you find a solution that is tailored to your individual hearing needs.


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