Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo launched a new Hearing Aid Leasing Program! This brand new program allows our patients to enjoy all of the features that premium and advanced hearing aids have to offer, at a low monthly rate!

Like leasing a car, you’ll never have to worry about having out-of-date technology ever again!

How the Leasing Program Works:

Similar to leasing a car, the process for leasing your hearing aid devices are nearly identical to the process if you were to purchase instead:

  • Take an up-to-date hearing test.
  • Discuss and assess your hearing with a Doctor of Audiology.
  • Determine which device is best for your hearing needs, budget, and lifestyle.
  • Once selected, opt into our leasing program – and walk home with your new devices!

Our leasing program includes a lot of additional benefits, all within your lower monthly price.

Benefits include:

  • Low Monthly Payments. Four years of office visits.
  • Trade-in OptionsLittle to no down payment. Covered by warranties.
  • Always enjoy the newest model.

If you are interested in our Hearing Aid Leasing Program, you can learn more, and you can request an appointment on our website – hesofbuffalo.org/lease.

You also have the ability to prequalify for the program, by submitting an application through our website as well.

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