HES Launches Virtual appointment care

COVID-19 forced many organizations to rethink, and at times, reinvent how they provide service and care. Hearing Evaluation Services of Buffalo were no different. Although we already had extensive sanitation protocols in place, we had to take things a step further through curbside or phone appointments, limitations for in-office settings, and custom accommodations for those in need.

This led to the development of launching our official Tele-Health/Virtual Appointment Care!

The telehealth service is for both new patients, current patients, active hearing aid users, and potential hearing aid candidates, hearing tests, and more.

When a patient requests a telehealth appointment, they simply need access to their own computer, smartphone, or tablet, as well as earbuds or headphones. No special equipment is necessary.

Many hearing aid models are equipped with technology that allows the audiologist to provide follow-up care and programming adjustments without a trip to the office.

Another major advantage of this new program is the increase in our ability to provide continued care for our “snowbird” patients or patients that might be traveling out of town that encounters an issue. You no longer have to delay your care because of travel or location. We are here to help.

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