Candidacy for LYRIC®


Our audiologists at our HES Amherst, Orchard Park, and Williamsville locations are certified Lyric Providers. There are three main areas that they assess to determine if a patient is a good candidate for LYRIC®. They are: hearing loss, ear anatomy, and lifestyle.

Hearing Loss

As with any hearing aid, LYRIC® does not suit all types of hearing loss.  When you have your hearing assessment, your Audiologist will advise you if your hearing loss is within the fitting range for LYRIC®.


It is important for your Audiologist to examine the shape and condition of your ear canal, and discuss your medical history and lifestyle in order to decide whether LYRIC® is a suitable option for you.  However, as every ear is different, the only way to fully assess whether the LYRIC® hearing aid is right for you is to make an appointment and try it risk-free for 30 days.


Your lifestyle can also play a role in your candidacy for LYRIC®. The LYRIC® device is a viable option for most lifestyles, with the exception of avid swimmers, skydivers, or scuba divers.