Important Reminders for At-Home Care

No matter what the conditions are like outside your home – it’s always important to have great home-care tools and practices to help maintain your hearing health. Here are some important reminders for your at-home care:

1 – Wear your hearing aids every day! Even if you are home alone, it is important for your brain to have consistent input. Regular hearing aid use can improve your brain function and cognitive abilities, and reduce your risk of depression.

2 – Clean them every day. Even if you didn’t leave the house – your hearing aids have been exposed to sweat, oil, wax guard.

Clean hearing aids are not only more sanitary, but they will also help keep your hearing aids working well.

3 – Hearing Aid Disinfection Machines. Speaking of cleaning your hearing aids…many people also like to use a hearing aid disinfection machine. These devices use UVC light to completely sterilize your hearing aids. Now is a great time to consider purchasing one due to the COVID crisis.

They are currently on sale to call today to get yours.

4 – General Maintenance. We have worked hard to set up on-line tutorials for at-home care of your devices. From changing the wax guards or domes, changing a battery, and even syncing up your devices with fantastic accessories – we’ve made it easier for you to get the most out of your hearing aids.

5 – Audiologist Assistance. We are very happy to be able to still help you during this difficult time. Our offices are open for essential appointments, we have curbside service available, and we can even offer tele-service if you need further help. You can also order supplies or connect directly with an audiologist if you have any questions or concerns.

6 – Be Careful with Face Mask Removal. We have noticed an uptick in the number of lost hearing aids in the last month as people inadvertently pull their hearing aid off when they remove their face covering. Please be careful when removing any face coverings. If you have hearing aids that have a Find My Lost Hearing Aid app feature, make sure you open the app every morning to ensure they are connected to and tracking your hearing aids. If you cannot find your lost hearing aid, please call us. Many hearing aids have a loss warranty and we can check that for you and help facilitate replacement.

Always remember…It’s good to hear!

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