Pre-Test Instructions

1. Certain medications or substances may alter the vestibular test results.  To prevent this from happening, please DO NOT take any of the following 48 hours prior to your appointment:

  • Anti-dizziness or anti-nausea pills
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Sleeping pills or tranquilizers
  • Beverages that contain caffeine
  • Over the counter allergy or cold medications
  • Cigarettes

DO NOT STOP any mediation for heart/blood pressure disorders, endocrine (thyroid, hormonal) disorders, blood/sugar disorders for diabetes, seizure disorders, anxiety medications, or medications for depression.  If you are in doubt, please contact your physician BEFORE YOU STOP taking the medication.

2. The test will take approximately one and a half hours to complete so please dress comfortably.

3. Eat a light meal 2-3 hours prior to the test.  If you are a diabetic or have low blood sugar, please follow your regular mealtime routine as well as your normal injections or pills.

4. Please do not wear make-up.  If you wear make-up you will need to remove it before testing.

5. Please make arrangements to have someone available to drive you home should you not feel well enough to drive after your testing.

6. Please visit the Forms section to download and complete both the Hearing Health History and the Dizziness Questionnaire.  Please bring these completed forms to your appointment.