Hear at Home – Oticon

Many different types of accessories help make your life easier.

From streaming phone calls directly to your hearing aid to listening to music without taking your phone out of your pocket – hearing aid accessories allow technology to seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. The devices are both easy and intuitive to use.

ConnectLine Streamer

Make and receive hands-free phone calls from any modern smartphone. Listen to music in stereo from your tablet or laptop. ConnectClip transforms your hearing aids into a wireless headset, making everyday connections for family, friends and business activities easier and more practical.

Original Price – $240.00
Sale Price – $200.00

ConnectLine Mic

The microphone functionality is something you’ll appreciate when trying to hear speech from a distance or in a noisy place. Simply hand the ConnectClip to a speaker at a lecture, or to a friend in a noisy restaurant and experience clear speech directly in your hearing aids.

Original Price – $225.00
Sale Price – $175.00

ConnectLine Clip

Turn your hearing aids into a wireless stereo headset with ConnectClip. This Bluetooth system will allow you to make hands-free phone calls and stream music from your smartphone, listen to someone speaking from a distance, make video calls over a computer all with a discreet remote control function.

Original Price – $265.00
Sale Price – $215.00

TV Adaptor

Stream your favorite programs to your hearing aids and enjoy them at the volume you choose. The TV Adapter connects to almost any audio device using the cables provided. Effective from a range of up to 45 feet.

Original Price – $225.00
Sale Price – $175.00

Remote Control

Adjust the volume or change your hearing aid program easily and discreetly! With several remote control options to choose from, you’re sure to find the solution that’s right for you.

Original Price – $160.00
Sale Price – $150.00

Phone Adaptor

The updated Phone Adapter 2.0 now pairs with ConnectClip and works with your existing home analog landline phone to turn your hearing instruments into a wireless headset.

Original Price – $175.00
Sale Price – $145.00