Most of the timeA lot of the timeFrom time to time (occ.)Not at all

    Definitely as muchNot quite as muchOnly a littleHardly at all

    Very definitely and quite badlyYes, but not too badlyA little, but it doesn’t worry meNot at all

    As much as I always couldNot quite so much nowDefinitely not so much nowNot at all

    A great deal of the timeA lot of the timeFrom time to time, but not oftenOnly occasionally

    Most of the timeUsuallyNot oftenNot at all

    DefinitelyUsuallyNot oftenNot at all

    Nearly all the timeVery oftenSometimesNot at all

    Not at allOccasionallyQuite oftenVery often

    DefinitelyI don’t take as much care as I shouldI may not take quite as much careI take just as much care

    Very much indeedQuite a lotNot very muchNot at all

    As much as I ever didRather less than I used toDefinitely less than I used toHardly at all

    Very often indeedQuite oftenNot very oftenNot at all

    OftenSometimesNot oftenVery seldom