Hear at Home – Widex

Many different types of accessories help make your life easier.

From streaming phone calls directly to your hearing aid to listening to music without taking your phone out of your pocket – hearing aid accessories allow technology to seamlessly integrate into your everyday life. The devices are both easy and intuitive to use.


WATCH TV WITH NO ECHO.  Enjoy distortion-free wireless transmission of TV-sound directly to your hearing aids.

Original Price – $300.00
Sale Price – $200.00

TV Connector System™

Whether it’s watching the latest news updates, or just relaxing with a movie, TV PLAY helps you hear the sound from the TV better.

Original Price – $300.00
Sale Price – $200.00


The COM-DEX solution allows you to seamlessly communicate wherever you are and wherever you go.  Stream high-quality sound from any Bluetooth device to your Widex hearing aid.

Original Price – $515.00
Sale Price – $375.00

Com-Dex Remote Mic™

COM-DEX Remote Mic is a stylish add-on to the COM-DEX solution. Hear conversations easily – close up and in detail. Even in noisy environments, COM-DEX Remote Mic is the answer to difficult one-to-one conversations – at dinner parties, in the car, or when you are on adventure trips.

Original Price – $199.00
Sale Price – $99.00

Uni-Dex Plugin Neckloop™

Dry and sanitize your hearing aids in just 45 minutes to keep your hearing aid performance at its best – with this hearing aid drying station.

Original Price – $110.00
Sale Price – $75.00